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The Girl

i had this poem posted a while ago, not exactly lyrics...

When she walks, she brings a plague
The plague of a broken heart.
It has no cure but time
But she doesnt know that yet

When you look into her eyes with the permenant tears
You see the plague taking over her
Its consuming her entire mind and soul.
You want to help her, but you dont know how

Then, as you see her in class
You see her trying so hard to not combine two worlds
One where shes happy go lucky and in love
The other where shes a nobody and unloved.

Without saying a single word,
She speaks thousands of emotions
You spot her at lunch trying to get through it all
And you see the longing and hurt in her eyes when she looks at him

You finally understand what is happening to her
You start filling up with rage and depression for this girl
But you hardly know her so what can you do?
Then, without thinking, you scream at the boy "Why?!"
But, it comes out from the girl's mouth
You turn around, and you see it's you.
Your other half, your hurting side.

The alarm goes off
You realize it was all a dream
The radio is playing a slow heartbreak song
As you go into the bathroom and look at yourself
You see the plague of a broken heart
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